Behavioral Services Clinic


Servicing Children Ages 3+ and Adults



Individual Therapy


Family Therapy

Group Therapy

Couples Counseling


Anger Management Counseling

Medication Monitoring


Psychiatric Evaluations

Psychological Assessments


Outpatient/In home Services Provided


Hours of Operation Monday-Friday 8am-8pm

Saturdays 8am-4pm


Tri-City Peoples Corporation Behavioral Health Clinic offers open access to care. We take all patients who come to us and need help. We treat the underlying issues affecting behavior, environment and family rather than over-prescribe psychotropic medications. Our first rule of treatment is “do no harm”. An ancillary to that is “prevent greater harm”. Our patients are stabilized and treated with care. There have been no homicides, suicides and other notable extreme events. Our patients complete treatment and seldom need additional care, especially from more acute-care settings (partial hospitalizations, etc…). The Behavioral Health Services at Tri-City Peoples Corporation offers a high-quality treatment experience and is devoted to complete treatment.

Our Behavioral Health Services Clinic is fully staffed with a Clinical Director, Psychiatrist, multiple Master’s level Clinicians and a consulting Psychiatrist who is a Board Certified Pediatric Psychiatrist, responsible for conducting Psychiatric Evaluations, on-going medication monitoring with psycho education and psychiatric treatment.  In addition to psychiatric treatment, we offer “talk therapies” with our clinicians.


For an appointment, please call (973) 675-4484 ext. 2101