Supervised Visitation



Visits are opportunities for family time between children and their natural parents. This time together is essential because it reduces the loss and separation children experience while in out-of-home placement, preserves the children’s relationship with parents and reinforces the child’s connection to a world that is familiar to them. Parent-child visitation also enables case managers to assess parents’ progress toward having their children return from out-of-home placement and identifies additional supports needed to help achieve family reunification. Stability is a crucial aspect of family life for children. We want children to return to healthy families that remain healthy.


Supervised Visitation- Our Supervised Visitation program works with the Department of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) to provides DCPP involved children and families with visits in a safe, friendly environment, while DCPP evaluates parents ability to parent or while parental rights are being terminated. Transportation is available for children.

For an appointment, please call (973) 675-4484 ext. 2184


We also offer Therapeutic Visitation (click here for more information).